17 Best Free, Printable Christmas Bingo Games the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Get the party started with these digital downloads.

christmas bingo
The House That Lars Built/Etsy

Between festive holiday feasts and a frenzy of gift giving and unwrapping, Christmas gatherings come with built-in entertainment for groups of all ages. But you can take the fun even further — and encourage old-fashioned analog togetherness, away from screens and devices — with a slate of wholesome party games at the ready. One perennial crowd pleaser that works for preschoolers, little kids, teens, adults and seniors alike? Well, that would be Christmas bingo, of course!

It takes little advanced prep to pull together the gear you need for Christmas bingo, but our list of the best free Christmas bingo cards includes a wide range of printable styles to get you going in no time — and all of them are totally free. For the littlest players, choose cards with pictures only — no reading required. For older kids and grownups, pick from all kinds of specialty cards, including ones focused on Christmas movies, Christmas songs and more. (There’s even a cheeky board meant just for the introverts — if you know, you know!) Encourage a little healthy competition with small items to mark spots, and even prizes for the winners.

Looking for more Christmas party inspiration? Check out our roundup of festive Christmas party themes, Christmas party games for adults only, easy Christmas cocktails and dozens of great Christmas recipes sure to please the crowd.

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Christmas Picture Bingo
christmas bingo cards — happiness is homemade free printables
Happiness Is Homemade

These Christmas bingo cards feature pictures only — no reading, which means it’s perfect for all ages. The free printable comes with 35 different cards and five-by-five game boards, so it works for playing both traditional bingo and blackout bingo, too.

Get the game at Happiness Is Homemade »

English-Spanish Bingo Cards
christmas bingo — diana miller, the girl creative spanish english bingo cards
Diana Miller, The Girl Creative

Available in both English and Spanish, print these cards for a bilingual crowd or as a fun educational tool for language learners.

Get the game at Diana Miller, The Girl Creative »

Cheerful Christmas Symbols Bingo
christmas bingo — happy mom hacks
Happy Mom Hacks

With 20 printable bingo cards bearing cheerful Christmas symbols and messages, this free download is ideal for a classroom or kids’ party setting.

Get the game at Happy Mom Hacks »

Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo
Peanut Blossom

Invite a few of your Hallmark-loving friends over and then pass out these cards before you press play on "Countdown to Christmas." As you watch, keep your eyes peeled for the clichés spelled out on this card (think: a grumpy boss appears).

Get the game at Peanut Blossom »

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Christmas Picture Bingo
Grace & Good Eats

This free Christmas bingo printable includes an array of seasonal pictures that are easily recognizable — making it great for kids of all ages, no reading necessary. To play, you'll need a host who pulls different images from a bag.

Get the game at Grace & Good Eats »

Introvert Christmas Bingo
Introvert Doodles

You know who you are! This cheeky Christmas bingo game includes scenarios to which introverts can well relate. Think squares for things like “listened to Christmas music with headphones,” and “sat quietly in the glow of holiday lights.”

Get the game at Introvert Doodles »

Christmas Music Bingo
Sunny Day Family

This Christmas bingo game riffs on timeless holiday music favorites like "Jingle Bell Rock," "Frosty the Snowman" and "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas." As soon as you hear one, you fill in a space.

Get the game at Sunny Day Family »

Christmas Song Bingo
christmas bingo
The House That Lars Built

For a more modern take, look to this card, which features favorite Christmas songs from Wham!, Kelly Clarkson and Mariah Carey.

Get the game at The House That Lars Built »

Holiday Movie Bingo
Play. Party. Plan.

These bingo cards feature squares evoking some of the most classic holiday movies of all time. Think Scrooged, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life and more.

Get the game at Play. Party. Plan. »

Vintage-Inspired Christmas Bingo
The Crafting Chicks

These Christmas bingo printables have a chevron backdrop and quaint graphics for a sweet, vintage-inspired game board.

Get the game at The Crafting Chicks »

'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Bingo
Musings of an Average Mom

Print these Nightmare Before Christmas-themed bingo cards, and you’ll have a game night fit for fall and winter.

Get the game at Musings of an Average Mom »

Printable Snowman Bingo
Crazy Little Projects

If you live in a cold-weather climate — or just want to channel one to get in the holiday spirit — print these Christmas bingo boards with the theme of all things snow.

Get the game at Crazy Little Projects »

Polka-Dot Christmas Bingo
Fun Squared

These polka-dot bingo boards are perfect for an all-ages crowd, including class parties, holiday-time birthday celebrations or any other kid-friendly fêtes.

Get the game at Fun Squared »

Timeless Christmas Bingo
Pretty Providence

Definitely consider laminating these Christmas bingo cards: They’re classic and timeless, which makes them perfect for bringing out year after year.

Get the game at Pretty Providence »

Christmas “Singo”
Camille's Primary Ideas

Up the ante on Christmas bingo with “singo” instead. This game gets the whole family singing and moving. The site has two ways to play, both equally fun.

Get the game at Camille's Primary Ideas »

Classic Christmas Bingo
Our Thrifty Ideas/Design Dazzle

Use red and green M&M’s — or your favorite holiday candy — to mark the spots on these festive Christmas bingo boards.

Get the game at Design Dazzle »

Christmas Bingo With Words and Pictures
Paper Trail Design

These Christmas bingo boards include squares filled with simple words and pictures, making them a great option for party guests of all ages and reading levels.

Get the game at Paper Trail Design »

How do I play Christmas bingo?
fake plants line break

To play Christmas bingo, first buy or print out your chosen card set. (Pro tip: Laminate them for enduring play, season after season.) Give each player a card as well as a set of markers. Players start by putting a marker on their “free” space right off the bat. The caller then chooses cards blindly one at a time (placed upside down on a table, or from a bag), and players with the matching spot on their card get to mark each one as they go. Continue until someone gets a bingo — meaning a complete line across, down, or diagonally. You may choose to end the game after the first player calls bingo, or you may keep going to determine runner-up winners.

How do you play Christmas bingo with gifts?
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To play with gifts, invite each guest to bring a wrapped gift, or wrap a selection of your own token prizes beforehand. Each winner gets to pick a gift from the prize pile in order as they call bingo.

What can you use for Christmas bingo markers?
fake plants line break

Make Christmas bingo extra fun and exciting — especially for kids — by using holiday candies as markers. Think peppermints, Hershey Kisses, or M&Ms in festive hues. Let the kids keep the candies in the end, so everyone is a winner. If you don’t want to play with candies, consider cheerful markers like pompoms, mini bows or buttons.

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