For as long as you can remember, a classic witch costume has been your go-to for a last-minute Halloween outfit. Well, you know what they say: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. And seriously, witches reign supreme on All Hallow’s Eve for a reason. They are the stars of the best scary movies and not to mention their spells and banter make for the most memorable quotes.

So, while a DIY witch costume may not be groundbreaking, it still offers you a cheap and quick way to enjoy the fun of dressing up on Halloween with an accessory as simple as a witch hat. And it's a Halloween costume that works for both kids and adults, which is pretty rare.

Plus, with so many enchanting characters to choose from, you can never get bored. There are your classic storybook witches that sport a black dress, nose wart (because amazing Halloween makeup always upgrades the look) and fly into the night on their broomstick. Then there are those that derive from timeless films, like Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz. Even modern witches like Wanda, The Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness have getups that are easy enough to recreate.

And witch costumes aren't just good for a solo outing. You can do a great group costume with friends because, what is a witch without her coven? You could also go the funny route and portray the hilarious trio that is Hocus Pocus’ Sanderson Sisters with your friends.

Regardless, if you choose funny, cute or really scary costume, you’re sure to cast a spell on anyone who lays their eyes on you with these best DIY witch costumes.

1. DIY Classic Witch Costume

adult witch costume
kali9//Getty Images

This one's practically effortless and perfect if you're looking for something to wear in a pinch. You probably already have a go-to black dress in your closet, but if you're looking for something a little more Halloween-ish, you can upgrade to one more magical. The tights, hat and broom will pull your homemade witch costume together.

What You'll Need for a Basic Witch Costume
Long Sleeve Stretch Dress
SheIn Long Sleeve Stretch Dress
$29 at Amazon
Striped Tights
Leg Avenue Striped Tights
Large Witch Hat
Leg Avenue Large Witch Hat
Now 30% Off
Credit: Amazon
Witch Broom
Nicky Bigs Novelties Witch Broom

2. DIY Glinda the Good Witch Costume

the price is right
CBS Photo Archive//Getty Images

While you can purchase a full Glinda costume set, it's possible to make your own puffy skirt using an elastic, tulle and the no-sew technique. When you're done tying enough tulle to make a skirt that wraps around your waist, slide the skirt over a pink bodysuit or gown. For the crown, measure glitter scrapbook paper around your head decorate it with rhinestone gems.

What You'll Need for Glinda the Good Witch Costume
Cutiefox Bodysuit
Craft Rhinestones
Outus Craft Rhinestones
Credit: amazon
Tulle Craft Ribbon
Offray Tulle Craft Ribbon
Credit: amazon
Silver Fairy Wand
AKOAK Silver Fairy Wand
Now 12% Off
Credit: amazon

3. DIY Agatha Harkness Costume

a cosplayer poses as agatha harkness from wandavision
Daniel Zuchnik

Wanda's friend-turned-foe is has the perfect getup for a DIY witch costume. Though Agatha may not have the traditional broomstick and wand, she doesn't shy away from casting a spell. You can pull off her look by recreating her long tresses and signature cloak.

What You'll Need for Agatha Harkness Costume
Wavy Brown Wig
BESTUNG Wavy Brown Wig
Credit: Amazon
Inked Finger Gloves
Unicorns Poop Glitter Inked Finger Gloves
Credit: Amazon
Gothic Dress
NANTE Top Gothic Dress
Credit: Amazon
Victorian Choker
JJTZX Victorian Choker
Credit: Amazon

4. DIY Elphaba Costume

"wicked" sydney photocall
Don Arnold//Getty Images

Sure, you can always dress up in Elphaba's classic Wicked Witch of the West getup (see below), complete with pointy black hat, but if you want to show that you're a true fan of the musical Wicked, try dressing up in Elphaba's Shiz University uniform — you probably have everything you need to create this costume already in your closet. Just add green face paint.

What You'll Need for Elphaba Costume
Wool Knit Fisherman Beanie
ROYBENS Wool Knit Fisherman Beanie
Now 20% Off
Two-Piece Skirt Suit
Roamans Two-Piece Skirt Suit
Women's Long-Sleeve Sweater
Fuinloth Women's Long-Sleeve Sweater
Now 31% Off
Face & Body Paint
Mehron Face & Body Paint

5. DIY Scary Witch or Wicked Witch Costume

diy witch costume
BigKnell / Getty Images

If you're more of the type to go all out and look evil and spooky instead of cute and trendy on Halloween night, try this scary green witch costume. Just apply some green face paint, and nose and chin prosthetics that you stick on with latex glue.

What You'll Need for the Green Witch Costume
Witch Nose and Chin Set
Fxe Faux Studio Witch Nose and Chin Set
Green Face & Body Paint
Mehron Green Face & Body Paint
Credit: amazon
Tooth FX
Morris Costumes Tooth FX
Credit: amazon
Fake Witch Nails
Bestga Fake Witch Nails

6. DIY Toddler Witch Costume

little girl eating halloween cookies on a party
Anastasiia Krivenok

You can't go wrong with classic purple and black look if your little one asks to be a witch this year. Make sure to get them a spider webbed witch's hat headband and matching tights to bring the outfit together.

What You'll Need for Toddler Spider Witch Costume
Spider Web Witch Hat
Elaine Room Spider Web Witch Hat
Credit: Amazon
Tutu Skirt
Jastore Tutu Skirt
Credit: Amazon
Purple Spider Web Tights
Artist Unknown Purple Spider Web Tights
Credit: Amazon
Long Sleeve Leotard
WEGETIT Long Sleeve Leotard
Credit: Amazon

7. DIY Scarlet Witch a.k.a Wanda Costume


Clearly, not all witches need to wear all-black or a pointy hat; in fact, the staple piece in the Scarlet Witch's costume is a leather jacket. She also wears a red onepiece (which you can reuse after Halloween) and red gloves.

What You'll Need for The Scarlet Witch Costume
Red Bodysuit
MOLFROA Red Bodysuit
Red Gloves
isotoner Red Gloves
Color Depositing Mask in "Bordeaux"
MOROCCANOIL Color Depositing Mask in "Bordeaux"
Credit: moroccanoil
Red Faux Leather Jacket
Fahsyee Red Faux Leather Jacket
Credit: fahsyee

8. DIY Candy Corn Witch Costume

beautiful smiling brunette woman dressed up for halloween with a feather hat, holding an orange basket filled with candies, with black and orange balloons in the background
Gaelle Beller Studio

If candy corn is your favorite Halloween candy, you'll want to recreate this sweet look. All you need is a black bustier, witch hat and a pumpkin filled with candy corn.

What You'll Need for Candy Corn Witch Costume
Witch Hat Headband
Dzrige Witch Hat Headband
Pumpkin Candy Bucket
KINREX Pumpkin Candy Bucket
Now 37% Off
Credit: Amazon
Candy Corn
Credit: Amazon
Corset Top
Zhitunemi Corset Top
Credit: Amazon

9. DIY Winifred Sanderson Costume

winifred sanderson bette midler
Rebecca Smeyne//Getty Images

Run amok this Halloween by dressing up as Winifred, the head witch from Hocus Pocus — you can also turn this into a fun fun group costume by recruiting two friends to go as her sisters, Sarah and Mary.

What You'll Need for Winifred Sanderson Costume
Winifred Wig
GEAGLE Winifred Wig
Now 26% Off
Off Shoulder Renaissance Dress
Anna-Kaci Off Shoulder Renaissance Dress
Now 17% Off
Credit: Amazon
Long Velvet Blazer
R.Vivimos Long Velvet Blazer
Credit: Amazon
Victorian Boot
Ellie Shoes Victorian Boot
Now 31% Off

10. DIY Samantha Costume

ABC Photo Archives//Getty Images

One of pop culture's most iconic witches! While Samantha dressed in mortal clothing most of the time, there were a few witchy looks, include this one which is so easy to recreate. Have your date go as Darrin Stephens for the ultimate couples costume.

What You'll Need for a Samantha from Bewitched Costume
Blonde Wig
YYHR Blonde Wig
Long Dress
Now 18% Off
Velvet Cloak
Crizcape Velvet Cloak
Now 15% Off
Gold Rings
iF YOU Gold Rings

11. DIY Baby Witch Costume

little newborn baby boy like in a magic book in halloween time
Anna Zheludkova//Getty Images

If this baby costume looks familiar it's because it's inspired by Harry Potter. Hermione, for example, was a witch. With a scarf, wand and onesie, it's probably the easiest baby costume ever.

What You'll Need for a Baby Witch Costume
Bow Tie Onesie
Novelty Scarf
HLenyoy Novelty Scarf
Disguise Wand
Harry Potter Bodysuit, Hat and Socks
Harry Potter Harry Potter Bodysuit, Hat and Socks

12. DIY Masquerade Witch Costume

woman dressed as witches
Andrew Milligan - PA Images

This look combines everything you love about a classic witch costume and adds an element of mystery. Pick out your favorite masquerade mask and you're halfway there.

What You'll Need for a Masquerade Witch Costume
Masquerade Masks
SIQUK Masquerade Masks
Credit: Amazon
Victorian Dress
NSPSTT Victorian Dress
Credit: Amazon
Halloween Witch Hat
Auerllcy Halloween Witch Hat
Credit: Amazon
Corset Belt
Scarlet Darkness Corset Belt
Credit: Amazon

13. DIY Witch Costume for Kids

mixed race girl in halloween costume holding broom and jack o'lantern
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc//Getty Images

If you're taking your little one trick-or-treating or escorting them to a school Halloween party, make her your partner-in-crime with a kid-approved costume of a sparkly dress and striped tights. Just add a cute witch hat (hint: try to get one propped on a headband so it stays on her head!).

What You'll Need for a Kid's Witch Costume
Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee Shirt
French Toast Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee Shirt
Now 34% Off
Credit: amazon
Tutu Dress
LYXIOF Tutu Dress
Credit: Amazon
Striped Tights
Jefferies Socks Striped Tights
Witch Hat Headband
WINZIK Witch Hat Headband
Credit: winzik

14. DIY Twinkle Witch Costume

cosplayer sarah gray is dressed as ranni the witch from video game elden ring
Yui Mok - PA Images

Brighten up your Halloween night with this glow-up costume. Just add some LED lights to your classic witch's hat or purchase one that already comes with them. Apply face paint and a wig in your favorite color for added flare.

What You'll Need for a Twinkle Witch Costume
Light-Up Witch Hat
MEMOVAN Light-Up Witch Hat
Now 28% Off
Blue Wig
Mildiso Blue Wig
Now 33% Off
Credit: Amazon
Blue Face Paint
Blue Squid Blue Face Paint
Credit: Amazon
Full Length Robe
HOMELEX Full Length Robe
Now 30% Off

15. DIY Maleficent Costume

a cosplayer in character as maleficent mistress of evil during london comic con 2019
Ollie Millington

Maleficent's dark magic makes her a perfect fit for this costume category. Put on her iconic headpiece and don't forget your scepter.

What You'll Need for a Maleficent Costume
Staff Accessory
Disguise Staff Accessory
Credit: Amazon
Horns Headpiece
Urantool Horns Headpiece
Now 15% Off
Credit: Amazon
Maxi Dress
Now 13% Off
Feather Shawl
L'VOW Feather Shawl
Now 39% Off

17. DIY Ursula Costume

Looking to get a little more creative with your witch costume? Dress up as sea witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid — if you already have a floor-length black gown in your closet, all you'll need is a wig, purple body makeup and a few choice accessories.

What You'll Need for Ursula Costume
Women's Wicked Sea Witch Wig
Linfairy Women's Wicked Sea Witch Wig
Ursula Necklace and Earring Set
Ursula Necklace and Earring Set
Credit: Etsy
Off-Shoulder Long Formal Dress
YMDUCH Off-Shoulder Long Formal Dress
Now 29% Off
Credit: Amazon
Face & Body Paint
Mehron Face & Body Paint

18. DIY Ice Witch Costume

snow queen

To recreate this frigid look, you'll need a long gown, white false eyelashes and a prop spell book. Face paint is optional.

What You'll Need for an Ice Witch Costume
Updo Wig
Linfairy Updo Wig
Credit: Amazon
Spell Book Prop
Credit: Amazon
Chiffon Dress
Xfang Chiffon Dress
Now 11% Off
White False Eyelashes
outopen White False Eyelashes
Now 35% Off
Credit: Amazon

19. DIY Fiona Goode Costume

fiona goode halloween costume

There are so many great options when it comes to American Horror Story-inspired Halloween costumes, particularly in the witch category: Myrtle Snow, Marie Laveau, Madison Montgomery, Misty Day and Queenie, just to name a few. But there's no one more glamorous (or easier to dress as!) than the original Supreme herself, Fiona Goode.

    What You'll Need for a Fiona Goode Costume
    Women's Long Sleeve Blouse
    SheIn Women's Long Sleeve Blouse
    Stretch Office Pencil Skirt
    Hybrid & Company Stretch Office Pencil Skirt
    Leather Gloves
    Dsane Leather Gloves
    Black Parasol Umbrella
    Kung Fu Smith Black Parasol Umbrella

    20. DIY Kiki the Witch Costume

    kiki the witch costume
    Barry Lewis//Getty Images

    If you're a fan of Kiki's Delivery Service, opt for this cute-not-scary witch costume. If you already have a purple dress, it couldn't be easier to put together — bonus points if you carry along a plush black cat to stand in as Kiki's feline companion Jiji.

    What You'll Need for Kiki the Witch Costume
    A-Line Swing Dress
    oxiuly A-Line Swing Dress
    Now 30% Off
    Crossbody Bag
    AFKOMST Crossbody Bag
    Now 21% Off
    Credit: Amazon
    Huge Bow Headband
    Ztl Huge Bow Headband
    Now 10% Off
    Witch Broomstick
    Skeleteen Witch Broomstick

    21. DIY Red Witch Costume

    diy witch costume
    Nicole Taionescu / Getty Images

    The red hooded witch leaves everyone wondering how someone looking so lovely can be so evil. A long, full-length cloak is a must for this costume — you can keep the rest of the outfit all black or all white.

    What You'll Need for the Red Witch Costume
    Fake Apples
    MotBach Fake Apples
    Now 15% Off
    Red Hooded Cloak
    VGLOOK Red Hooded Cloak
    Now 43% Off
    Credit: Amazon
    Elegant Long Sleeve Lace Blouse
    Smile fish Elegant Long Sleeve Lace Blouse
    Credit: amazon
    Matte Red Lipstick
    UOMA Beauty Matte Red Lipstick
    Credit: uoma beauty

    22. DIY Sabrina the Teenage Witch Costume

    sabrina teenage witch netflix

    To recreate everyone's favorite teen witch from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you'll need a red trench coat, white collared dress and black socks (you can also wear tights). Don't forget to accessorize with a black headband.

    What You'll Need for Sabrina the Teenage Witch Costume
    Red Trench Coat
    chouyatou Red Trench Coat
    Now 38% Off
    Credit: amazon
    Peter Pan Skater Dress
    Aphratti Peter Pan Skater Dress
    Now 20% Off
    Credit: amazon
    Black Satin Headband
    Motique Accessories Black Satin Headband
    Credit: amazon
    Black Tights
    Hanes Black Tights
    Now 21% Off
    Credit: amazon

    23. DIY Modern Witch Costume

    portrait of confident young woman holding black hat
    Klaus Vedfelt//Getty Images

    Feeling magical but not into the cloaks and witch hats? A modern take on a witch includes a leather jacket, fedora and the makeup style of your choice.

    What You'll Need for a Modern Witch Costume
    Fedora Hat
    Lisianthus Fedora Hat
    Leather Cropped Jacket
    SheIn Leather Cropped Jacket
    Black Skinny Jeans
    Levi's Black Skinny Jeans
    Now 60% Off
    Color Changing Nail Polish
    Allenbelle Color Changing Nail Polish

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